Photograph of Scott Neilson

I’m Scott Neilson, a human-centered designer, strategic systems thinker, and leader living in the beautiful Skagit Valley in Washington State.

Every aspect of design excites me, from the foundational design of systems, organizations, and brands, through the creation product and service experiences people love, to the leadership and advocacy that sustains a design-led culture.

I feel fortunate to have worked across this spectrum of design disciplines for over 25 years. I believe this range of experience amplifies the value I bring to each new project, whether that’s a consumer brand or product used by millions, a complex enterprise tool empowering specialists, the development of design competence in an organization, or helping a city find a more human-centered approach to urban redevelopment.

As for superpowers, mine include quickly understanding and navigating new domains, discerning high-value opportunities for innovation, and providing the leadership and persuasive clarity needed to unlock the transformative power of design.

If you’re facing a challenge design might help address, please reach out. I’d love to chat with you about what you’re working on.