Photograph of Scott Neilson

I’m Scott Neilson, a designer and strategist living in the beautiful Skagit Valley, north of Seattle.

Every aspect of design practice energizes me, whether it’s the foundational design of systems, organizations, and brands, delightful product and service experiences, or the leadership and advocacy that sustains a design-led culture.

I feel fortunate to have worked across this spectrum of design disciplines for over 25 years. I find that this wide range of experience amplifies the value I bring to each new project, whether that’s a consumer consumer product used by millions, a complex enterprise tool empowering specialists, the development of design competence within an organization, or helping a city find a more human-centered approach to urban redevelopment.

As for superpowers, mine include an insatiable curiosity about people, an aptitude for quickly understanding and navigating new domains, a head for discerning high-value innovation opportunities, and providing the leadership and persuasive clarity needed to unlock the transformative value of design.

If you’re facing a challenge design might help address, please reach out. I’d love to chat with you about your goals and how my capabilities might help you achieve them.



To learn more about my professional journey, have a look at my resume:

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For a sense of what I’m like to work with, here are my results from three common personality tests:

Myers-Briggs (ENTJ)

People with the ENTJ personality type (Commanders) are natural-born leaders. Embodying the gifts of charisma and confidence, ENTJs project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. However, these personalities are also characterized by an often ruthless level of rationality, using their drive, determination, and sharp mind to achieve whatever objectives they’ve set for themselves. Their intensity might sometimes rub people the wrong way, but ultimately, ENTJs take pride in both their work ethic and their impressive level of self-discipline.

Big Five