Scott NeilsonI’m Scott Neilson, a strategist and designer living and working in Portland, Oregon. Over the last couple decades, I’ve been fortunate to lead the design of many great product experiences across a wide range of domains. I have helped create consumer products used by millions of people and powerful business tools for much smaller and more specialized audiences. I’ve worked with tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Google as well as numerous groundbreaking startups.

When my third grade teacher handed out paint and paper to my class, instructing us to “paint a picture of anything,” I thought for a moment about all the things I might paint but found myself truly appreciating the simplicity of that blank sheet. As my classmates began creating their paintings, I returned the paper to my teacher explaining that “I can’t improve on this.”

I like to think I still bring some of that discernment to my work. Experience has shown me that the most successful and delightful products are seldom those with the most features. More often, they are born of a focused, uncompromising product vision and a user-obsessed culture. I endeavor to bring both to the teams with which I work.

What are you creating? I’d love to discuss your project and perhaps even help you move forward.
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